If you've lived in the Quad Cities long enough, you've probably seen enough crazy things that you've said "Someone should seriously write a book about all this." Well, someone did! And he's from Bettendorf.

The best part is, it's a children's book. It's called My Quirky Quad Cities, and it was written by Rob Erwin, an Augustana grad. Why a children's book? Well, Erwin is a new father; his son is just five months old.

According to the Dispatch-Argus, the book centers on a boy narrating the fun and exciting places he's been, including Modern Woodmen Park, John Deere Commons, a paddlewheel boat on the river, the Bix road race, and more. Erwin even tossed in a throwback shoutout to the Mallards.

There's even some pages at the back of the book to be used as a journal section, where kids list places they visited, the date, and what they saw.

The book is available on Amazon now.

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