If you drive down Brady St. often enough, you've probably noticed a certain building just across from our studios. It's been a BBQ place, it's been a convenience store...it's been a lot of things. Now, it's a Mex-2-Go.

For the next few days it's just a food truck outside the building, but soon it'll be a drive-through. With it being right across the street from us, we had to say hello to our new neighbors, and give the food a shot! Spoilers: it was delicious.

It was also decently priced. We fed six people for around $30, with each of us getting 2-3 tacos each. Here's a quick snap before we devoured it:


I had two soft shell, ground beef tacos with a side of chips. The chips ended up being split between our group because there were so many, and they're huge! For someone smaller like me, those plus the two tacos were the perfect serving size. Note: there were actually potatoes in the ground beef. Not my personal favorite, but an original touch for tacos!

According to the rest of the B100 crew, the rice was delicious and the steak tacos were amazing. We'll definitely be going back to try more (their menu is huge! There's still so much left to try).

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