We may be on day 31 of summer at B100, but if you go strictly according to Mother Nature, we aren't even a week into the season. (We like our counting better). Regardless, now is the time for summer fun and adventures.

The kids are all out of school at this point, and probably looking for something to do right? I never made it more than a week into summer break before saying "Mom, I'm boorrrrreeddd!" So, if you're one of the parents hearing that, this might be a helpful solution.

This weekend, kids are invited to participate in a Water Gun Fun Run in Moline. According to the description of the event, it "will feature different fun, water related obstacles and challenges" for kids 2-12 years old.

Don't worry though, the kids will be divided into age groups! But, they will also all run at the same time.

For the younger children, ages 2-4, there will be a toddler dash where participants will receive a medal. The older kids will get a t-shirt. We've got more details here.

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