Safety is always a major concern when relocating to a new city, or even moving just across town. It's an even bigger priority if you have kids. If you're wondering whether or not the area you live in has a high or low crime rate, Neighborhood Scout has you covered. They analyze crime statistics and compose lists for every city across the country.

Whether you're planning a move to Davenport or already live here, this list is a great resource for keeping you and your family safe.

According to their site, these are the 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Davenport:

1. Eastmere Drive/Middle Road

2. West Kimberly Rd/Pine St.

3. E. Kimberly Road/Jersey Ridge

4. Northwest Blvd/Division St.

5. East 53rd/Eastern

6. St. Ambrose/N. Harrison St.

7. Green Acres

8. N. Division/West Kimberly

9. N. Brady/E. 53rd

10. E. 29th St/Brady St.

Check out more info, including a breakdown of crime statistics and a map of the safest neighborhoods, here.


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