Why wasn't there something like this when I was a kid?

Looking for a way for your toddler to burn off a little energy? This seems like the perfect solution.

According to the City of Davenport's Facebook page, Roosevelt Community Center in Davenport recently opened a giant sandbox area for pre-school aged kids.


The sandbox looks filled to the brim with toys, making it a fun place for toddlers to spend a morning. The post says it's open from 8 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday, and best of all, the activity is totally free.

Last year, we created a sandbox on our porch for our then-two-year-old. It got messy fast. This is a great way for kids to play with sand, but keep the mess outside of your own home. Plus, it's awesome that they can use it year-round. If you can't bear to spend another day stuck inside, this is a good option.

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