Ever had the urge to light up while on vacation?

Visitors to the Aldrich Guest House in historic Galena, Illinois can now partake in cannabis smoking without the fear of getting busted, reports WQAD.

Aldrich's owners, Robert and Douglas Mahan, knew that they wanted to make their B&B pot-friendly following Illinois legalizing marijuana on January 1.

The two have created a facility on Aldrich's property called The Potting Shed, an upscale lounge area where guests can comfortably toke up during their stay.

The Potting Shed features all of the amenities a smoker would want; from snacks available for purchase to glass pipes and vaporizers users can rent. There are also couches, a TV, and WiFi for guests to enjoy.

Vaporized pot pens can be used inside the shed, but if you're lighting up a pipe, guests will have to partake on the shed's patio, due to the Smoke-Free Illinois Act.

Interested in visiting Aldrich for the weekend? The B&B is just about an hour and twenty minutes from the QC. Rooms start at $125 per night during the non-peak season (now until the summer).

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