A couple of weeks ago we shared a post about how Quad Cities Applebee's locations are selling $1 margaritas all this month. I received some interesting comments on the post, such as "Those margaritas are mostly water." Soon after, I saw a video that is making me a bit hesitant about indulging in one of the cheap margs.

The Bitchy Waiter Facebook page posted the video the very same day I posted my story. In it, you can see an Applebee's employee mixing margarita mix concentrate with what they refer to as "bottom shelf tequila" and three gallons of tap water in a bucket. Yes, that margarita mix has been sitting in a giant bucket all day.

While the video is pretty gross, I'm not sure anything about it is terribly shocking. I figured any drink priced at $1 wasn't exactly high-end liquor. Still, the image of the margarita mix sitting in a giant bucket is kind of getting to me. Will I still indulge? Only if I'm feeling that broke and desperate for a marg.

Check out the video above to see for yourself.

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