Remember last year, when we kept shattering record after record when it came to snow/rain and flooding? Remember how we got so tired of it? Hope you're ready to do it again!

According to KWQC, we're off to an early start, as Halloween 2019 is officially the snowiest on record in the Quad Cities. Per their findings, "It will also go down as the 'deepest' (snow depth) recorded on Halloween in the QC."

Unfortunately, there's not a ton of upsides to this. The main one is just's pretty? For now? Otherwise, the snow is causing a lot of changes. There's a couple of towns within the Quad City area that have already changed up their trick-or-treating times because of the weather.

Of course, if you're still headed out, we have a few last-minute costume switch suggestions that'll keep you a bit warmer.

Now the question is, will we actually get snow on Christmas? It's like a weird game of roulette with Mother Nature.

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