Sick of the cold weather? You're in luck!

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the Quad Cities can expect a somewhat early spring warmup.

The QC is part of the Heartland Region, which also includes Western Illinois and Wisconsin, Southern Minnesota, Eastern Nebraska and Kansas, most of Missouri, and all of Iowa.

The Farmer's Almanac's long-range weather report says things will start to warm up by the end of February, with the week of the 19th bringing in mild temps that will last the rest of the month. March will supposedly have a couple of snowy days, but will otherwise be sunny and warm. April and May are going to be "warmer than average" and also bring plenty of rain.

So, can we believe this forecast? Considering the Almanac predicted the QC would have a "mild" winter, I'm thinking this early spring business may just be a bunch of baloney. But we can always hope!

Check out what else The Old Farmer's Almanac has to say here.

DISCLAIMER: The Farmer's Almanac is not scientific, and therefore, should be used solely for entertainment purposes and taken with a grain of salt. Follow actual meteorologists if you want the most accurate forecast predictions.

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