Could the QC see warm temps this winter? It's looking that way.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, the 2018-2019 winter season in the Heartland region (which includes all of Iowa and parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Missouri) will be mild. This backs up all the reports I've been hearing from NOAA about a possible El Nino bringing warmer weather from October through December.

Despite the temps, however, high precipitation is also predicted, meaning we could expect plenty of freezing rain instead of snow. That could equate to messy driving conditions in the QC.

We may also be forced to face reality come January when temperatures are predicted to return to freezing once again. I think most of us are willing to take the cold just as long as it's not still snowing in April.

DISCLAIMER: The Farmer's Almanac is not scientific, and therefore, should be used solely for entertainment purposes and taken with a grain of salt. Follow actual meteorologists if you want the most accurate forecast predictions.

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