Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie is Davenport's go-to place for cookies, cakes, and delicious treats, but their Thanksgiving pie list is really kicking things up a notch.

At first glance, it might seem like the usual offerings: Pecan, Pumpkin, French Silk. Sour Cream Apple is definitely a twist on a classic, but what really stands out to me is this:


My mouth is literally watering. Oh So Sweet says on their Instagram page that this pie is for "adventurous eaters," but I'm pretty sure that anyone who loves bacon, or maple, or bourbon, or indulgent desserts, in general, will want to get their hands on that pie ASAP. That mixture of flavors can only have good results. I'm usually an apple pie kind of gal, but I could be willing to go to the dark side for something so deliciously sinful sounding.

For those that are interested in any of the delectable pies, Oh So Sweet is taking orders for Thanksgiving now, with pickup taking place Tuesday, November 21 or Wednesday, November 22. The treats range in price from $22-$25.

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