This story is pretty heartwarming. After dealing with financial issues, being fired from her job, and going without a working vehicle for months, Courtney Groharing was gifted a truck from Moline Police Officer Patrick Moody, according to the Dispatch-Argus.

Officer Moody chooses someone to "pay it forward" for each year, and he selected Groharing after noticing she sported a "Blue Lives Matter" bracelet at her former job as a convenience store clerk. She told him at the time that she prayed for and supported all of the QC police that she would see at work.

He had also heard of her financial plight from others in the community, and many praised the married mother of two girls for being a selfless and caring person, despite her own troubles.

Groharing is now the proud owner of a 1999 Dodge Ram Pickup, which Moody made sure had new tires and exhaust. American Family Insurance in Moline is also providing the Groharings with an insurance policy through the holidays.

Officer Moody is encouraging others to be generous in any way that they can. While it doesn't have to be as grand of a gesture as buying someone a car, he says,

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