If you like to eat adventurously, this burger is probably a good fit for you.

Ruby's in Davenport started offering a new creation on Friday called the Three Wisemen Camel Burger. Yes, actual camel meat. Didn't know it was a thing? Neither did I. According to their Facebook page, the rest of the fixings include:

•Baby Arugula
•Black Garlic Aioli
•Goat Cheese
•Boetjes Beet Slaw
•Fried Shallots
•Toasted Ciabatta Roll

Check out a picture of the sandwich itself:

The Three Wisemen Camel burger is only available for a limited time, but Ruby's did not list an exact through-date. For me, it'll be a hard pass. It's definitely festive, and a creative addition to the holiday, but I'm just not adventurous enough for this one.

Will you be trying this intense new burger? Rumor has it that camel meat is actually pretty nutritious, and has more protein that some other meats.

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