As a kid I used to look up to the stars wondering what discoveries would be made when I got older. (I also thought stars were plants so I had a lot to discover myself.)

Yesterday a huge discovery was made! Three new underground lakes were detected near the south pole of Mars!

According to BBC,

"the lakes are also thought to be extremely salty, which could pose challenges to the survival of any microbial life forms."

While that is a bit discouraging at first, it’s still incredible to think what might have or still could be living in that water. Something we may not even know about. The idea that this water was there first appears in 2018. The thought was,

Billions of years ago, water flowed in rivers and pooled in lakes on the Martian surface. But Mars has since lost much of its atmosphere, which means water can't stay liquid for long on the surface today.

But, now that has all changed since it is underground. BBC went on to share that this amazing discovery was made using data from a radar instrument on the European Space Agency's (Esa) Mars Express spacecraft, which has been orbiting the Planet since December 2003.

Elena Pettinelli from Roma Tre University in Italy went on to say,

"Not only did we confirm the position, extent and strength of the reflector from our 2018 study, but we found three new bright areas."

More information about this discovery can be found here.

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