Space... The final frontier.

It seems like we just keep pushing the limits of human travel and discoveries when it comes to space. After the historic Space X landing happening just days ago, this discovery seems small, but it is very interesting.

According to Futurism,

"A distant galaxy cluster has been churning out new stars at a dizzying pace."

As someone who knows no more than the average person when it comes to space, I had no idea why this was so interesting until I learned that this was due to a black hole, or rather lack there of.

"The galaxy cluster, dubbed SpARCS1049, is made up of hundred to thousands of galaxies. But its central galaxy, where the supermassive black hole is located, is far away from its most densely-packed galaxy, suggesting that the black hole ran out of nearby food."

So simply put, the black hole is literally starving. Since the black hole can't do its "job" star formations can happen, This is truly incredible, and has many professionals baffled.

lead author Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo of the University of Montreal, went on to state,

“It reminds me of the old expression of ‘when the cat’s away, the mice will play, Here the cat, or black hole, is quiet and the mice, or stars, are very busy.”

Space truly is an amazing, yet scary place. Just when you think you understand parts of it, something new gets thrown your way.

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