Casey Anthony, who was infamously accused and acquitted of murdering her toddler, was allegedly spotted rocking out at a Steel Panther concert just a few months before her new documentary with Peacock released Nov. 29.

"When you see Casey Anthony at a concert in Fort Lauderdale in March, then her documentary comes out in November," a TikTok user wrote over footage of a woman, who appears to be Anthony, dancing and singing onstage.

"Crazy she was there, even crazier that she went on stage," the user added in caption of the video, which is set to Patsy Cline's eerie tune, "Crazy."

The clip has gone viral on TikTok. Watch below:

"Like how can she even leave her house without being slandered I don’t understand," one viewer commented on the clip.

The comment refers to Anthony's notorious acquittal in the 2011 murder case regarding her deceased 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

While Anthony was found not guilty, the public widely believes that Anthony committed the crime. Anthony failed to report Caylee missing for 31 days in 2008 and was later found guilty on misdemeanor charges of lying to investigators.

"The fact that this [woman] is not only walking freely but also still alive after all these year[s] is insane to me. They really gave her a documentary and she just got her money [to] have the time of her life," another viewer commented on the concert footage.

"The worst part is this is exactly what she wanted, to be able to do whatever she wants without her kid around and that's what she got," someone else on TikTok theorized.

Meanwhile, another user wrote that they "saw a video of her saying she doesn’t go out at all," adding a sarcastic "lol."

It's unconfirmed if the woman in the viral TikTok video is in fact Anthony.

Anthony's new documentary on Peacock tells her side of the story, but many true crime aficionados and experts — including Nancy Grace, who covered the case extensively at the time — have slammed the three-part limited docu-series.

"Please no one listen to this woman lie for hours… cannot believe y’all gave a child murderer this huge platform and probably a huge check," popular true crime YouTuber Kendall Rae tweeted, adding a nauseous emoji at the end of the tweet.

According to Today, in the docu-series Anthony stands by the same claims she and her legal team used in her defense, including that she was sexually abused by her father, George Anthony. She also alleges that he lied to cover up Caylee’s death.

People reports George Anthony is "outraged and appalled" by the allegations.

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