Four have been left dead in Tennessee, and the suspected shooter is from a town in Illinois, not far from the Quad Cities.

It's a beautiful, spring day today. For the first time this season, I've got my windows open. From across the street, my elderly neighbors are sitting outside with their radio on. I hear the news being broadcast. A shooting in Tennessee, near Nashville, where several of my friends live. I grab my phone to read more, only to find out the suspected shooter is from Morton, IL., where I once lived in my early radio days. Morton, IL. is about 90 minutes from the Quad Cities, just southeast of Peoria.

According to,

I saw on Facebook, a musician friend mine from high school marked himself 'safe' from the shooting. I am still writing, a bit frantically, that this is happening. I can't believe this is the world we live in, right now.

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