We've all heard "pay it forward" stories. Usually they come via social media, and are either super heartwarming, or pretty funny. I think I've only ever heard two "real-life" stories – that's to say, they happened to someone I know.

But today, it happened to me. I don't usually go out for lunch but someone else in the building had, and it looked really good. As I got to the drive-thru, I was mildly frustrated, mostly because it was one with two lanes, and I always pick the wrong one.

As I pulled up to the window, the cashier leaned out and told me a woman a few cars up had paid for me. Mind you, I wasn't having a bad day. In fact, I had already been having a really good day! And yet, I still got so pumped.

When I told my family and friends about what happened, everyone asked the same question: "Oh, did you end up losing anyway because the next person had a more expensive meal?" (For the record, they didn't! This woman saved me $4, and I ended up paying $5 to cover the next person).

But the point is, it reminded me that it's not always about money. Sometimes, it's just doing something nice for someone else, regardless of how small it may be. So thank you, kind stranger! You made my day that much better.

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