For those of us like myself that use Tinder we know how awkward it can be seeing someone you know pop up on the app, sometimes if it's a close friend they get Super liked, but usually we just swipe left, but what if the person you saw pop up on tinder was a celeb?

Tinder is very addictive, I know because I'm addicted to tinder, and some of the people on this list, like #2 have also admitted to be addicted to Tinder. According to Rankworthy these five actors have been or are still on Tinder. Sadly I don't think we will see them pop up here in Iowa.

#5: Hilary Duff

The lead actress from lizzie Mcguire kicks off our list, reports say she is still using it today.

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#4: Dave Franco

The Franco family has always been well known for their looks, so if you've always had a crush on the on a Franco, now's your chance.

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#3: Britney Spears

Hopefully this relationship ins't...Toxic. Get it? Because of the song. Okay bad joke. Some reports say you can still find her on Tinder, but under a different name.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via YouTube

#2: Leonardo Dicaprio

This one is crazy, I know, but apparently he loved the app for it's ability to get him in touch with people who weren't rich and famous. There is no word if he is still using it today though.

Amy Sussman, Getty Images

#1: Katy Perry

Another huge name looking for a normal person on tinder. In an interview Perry stated that she used Tinder. While it was never reported if she was joking or not, people have come forward saying they've matched with her, but never snagged a date.

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Is your celebrity crush on this list? Who would you want to match with?