There's one question I get asked a lot when I tell people my name: "Oh! Andy, like in Toy Story?!" And the answer is yes, I was the inspiration for the character!

Okay no, that's not true. But I am a huge Disney fan, and having the same name as the character, I am oddly protective of the Toy Story movies. Personally, I believe they could've stopped after three. And, after seeing Toy Story 4 this weekend, I stand by that.

Maybe I have a harder shell, but it wasn't nearly as emotional as people made it out to be. If you're a softie, trust me, it's nowhere near as difficult as the ending to TS3 was. You'll be safe.

It also strayed from its original characters. Obviously, as a story grows, new characters have to come in. And in this movie, they were great. Forky might just be the spirit animal – er, utensil – of every millennial in the audience. Duke Caboom was tons of fun too.

Granted, Bo Peep is one of the seriously OG characters, and she's great. But for this Disney lover, there wasn't nearly enough Buzz or Jessie (and NO aliens?!).

Still, it was cute. It doesn't need to exist, but it's entertaining and surprisingly funny, and kids will love it to infinity and beyond.

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