Iggy Azalea received the Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Song a few weeks ago, and lots of people are unhappy about it. So much so, they've actually started a petition to have her STRIPPED of the award. 

Thousands (seriously) of fans signed a petition at Change.org in order to remove Iggy's "Fancy" from the ballot, claiming that the song was released before the eligibility period.

The outrage is likely coming from Nicki Minaj fans, as the petition claims "Anaconda" would've been the real winner.

However, unlike most other major awards, the Billboard Music Awards are based on sales data and chart performance, not the song’s release date. The 2015 BBMAs used a “reporting period” of March 10, 2014, through March 8, 2015,” not a release date. [International Business Times]

Long story short (too late), Billboard has told the haters to shut up. It's Iggy's award fair and square.

Just be glad One Direction wasn't in the same category. We ALL know how that would've turned out...

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