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It was the final day to Trick-Or-Treat 6 Feet with B100 and we saw a lot of B100 Trick-Or-Treaters coming out for candy, a B100 mask and some Pepsi.

On Monday, B100 kicked off day 1 of the Trick-Or-Treat 6 Feet fun! Connor and JT stood out in the cold and handed out a lot of candy, Pepsi's and B100 limited edition face masks.

Wednesday was day 2 of Trick-Or-Treat 6 Feet and it was beautiful outside and a lot of fun!

Friday, Halloween eve, we had our last for B100 listeners to come out and do some early Trick-Or-Treating from a distance. Everyone looked great in their costumes and many kids were very excited for actual Trick-Or-Treating tomorrow night!

We want to thank everyone who came out with their awesome costumes to trick-or-treat 6 feet away!

Happy Halloween!

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