Life is too short to be stressed about things. But as people, we do get stressed about things in life like money, work, family, health, and many other things. While we all can't help our stress at times, people in some states are less stressed than others.

WalletHub released its list of 2023's Most & Least Stressed States. Iowa was named one of the least stressed in the U.S., and Illinois isn't in the top half of most stressed states.

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Iowa is the 6th Least Stressed State

In order to determine which states are the most stressed and which states are the least stressed, WalletHub compared all of the states across four key dimensions. These four dimensions are really what people get stressed about the most if you think about it

  1. Work-Related Stress
  2. Money-Related Stress
  3. Family-Related Stress
  4. Health- & Safety-Related Stress

After determining each state’s weighted average across all metrics and calculating their overall scores, WalletHub determined that Iowa is the 6th least stressed state.

Iowa residents don't have to stress about affordable housing since it came in 50th in that category (that's a good thing). The Hawkeye state came in 43rd in divorce rate and percentage of adults in fair/poor health.


Illinois Could Work on its Stress Level

Illinois was ranked as the 24th least stressed, or the 27th most stressed state, according to WalletHub .

Illinois ranked high in family-related stress, but luckily for Illinoisans, there are a lot of professionals to help people many stress. Illinois has the 2nd-highest number of psychologists per capita.

The Most and Least Stressed States

WalletHub found that the least stressed state in the U.S. is Iowa's neighbor to the north, Minnesota.

The most stressed state in the U.S. is Mississippi. See where the other states landed below.

Source: WalletHub

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