Coronavirus has been dominating the news recently, and now the deadly virus may have come close to home.

The Des Moines Register reports two Iowa residents that recently visited China, where the virus originated, were being tested for it as of Wednesday afternoon.

The residents are also under voluntary confinement at home.

The Iowa Department of Public Health is adhering to national recommendations for surveillance of the virus.

The CDC says the results of the testing will not be available for several days. They have not given any updates as of this post being published.

According to CNN, the death toll from Coronavirus has reached nearly 500 people worldwide. Over 24,000 people have been infected in over 25 countries, including the US. Almost 60 million people remain under lockdown in China and three cities have reported 1,000 plus cases.

Additionally, 3,700 people are being held in Japan on a cruise ship after a passenger who left the ship tested positive for the virus.

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