Valentine's Day is coming, and you know what that means. All. Of. The. Sweets. Personally, I'm always excited for the post-Valentine's Day sales. It's the best time to stock up.

Then again, who says you have to wait until Valentine's Day or after to get chocolate wasted! This weekend, you can set your inner chocoholic free with the Cocoa Crawl in LeClaire. The event is described as "All Things Chocolate," so it's not just hot cocoa. And based on the expanded description, there will be a LOT to choose from.

It's the perfect opportunity for "sampling some goodies, enjoying some specials, and shopping for your honey!"

According to the official event on Facebook, there will be nearly 20 vendors offering food and drink specials and samples, and even more offering shopping specials! On the list of vendors is Isabel Bloom, Mississippi River Distilling Company, Antique Archaeology and more.

The event runs from 2-5pm on Saturday, February 9, at 117 S Cody Rd in LeClaire.

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