Have you come into 2018 on the single side? I have discovered four ways to up your dating game so you don't spend the next 365 days eating TV dinners and having conversations with your cat.

According to Mashable:

1.  Add more details and pictures.  If you only upload a few photos and your bio is short, you're less likely to get dates.  That one might seem obvious, but a lot of people don't put enough time and effort into their profile.

2.  Don't hide your face too much in your photos.  A study last year found people were 15% less likely to swipe right on Tinder if the person was wearing glasses or sunglasses.  And 12% less likely if they were wearing a hat.

3.  List your school in your profile.  Stats show people get matched up more often when they talk about the school they went to.  For guys, liberal arts colleges get the most likes.  For women, schools in the South get the most.

4.  Don't necessarily give up on someone if they don't message you back.  A study in May found that sending a SECOND message doesn't usually end in disaster or embarrassment.

Get more here and good luck.

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