It's only January, but I'm already looking forward to warmer weather. These last few weeks have been brutal; with a cold snap that seems neverending, slippery road conditions, and now the dreaded long stretch between Christmas and spring. I was curious as to what the Farmer's Almanac is predicting for the QCA, and whether or not we can expect a warm up any time soon.

The Quad Cities are part of what the Almanac has labeled the "Heartland" region. Also included are much of Missouri, Kansas, Western Wisconsin, Southern Minnesota, and a little bit of South Dakota. According to the long-range report for 2018, the Heartland can expect rain starting January 13, with milder temps and more snow towards the end of the month. February is forecasted to bring plenty of the white stuff (ugh), but supposedly, things will warm up starting the week of February 12.

The Almanac only gives limited information online for free, but it sounds like snow and freezing temps will be gone by mid-February. Fingers crossed that turns out to be the case. A week of temps in the 60's like we had last February would be amazing.

Please note that I always take what the Almanac has to say with a grain of salt. Meteorologists are normally my go-to source of info, but it is interesting to see if the book's predictions turn out to be correct. To me, it's sort of like astrology. Probably not true, but a fun read nonetheless.

Check out the rest of the long-term forecast here.

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