Just Joni lost 32lbs and counting after a simple test

Here's an update on how I finally lost weight thanks to what I discovered in a simple blood test.

It's been a long road of health and healing for me. I've been strong into natural health for more than 12 years now. Naturally, I was looking for drug-free ways to heal my body, using diet and exercise first. I've learned so much, I've been called a 'walking encyclopedia' and all who are near me more than 5 minutes, understands that this is a major part of my life. But there was always one thing people asked me.

"With all you do, and how well you take care of yourself, why aren't you losing weight?"

That's a great question. I often wondered the same thing. I was consistently 30-50 pounds over weight and started to feel defeated these past few years when I couldn't even lost 10 pounds and keep it off.

A few months ago, I had some testing done after my 'final straw' diet attempt didn't work. My Neuro-BioMechanics Doctor shared a resource that helped him. I brought you along on my discovery of a genetic mutation known as MTHFR, which creates problems with absorption of B vitamins, and doesn't allow my body to excrete certain toxins, so they continue to circulate. This also creates a some problems with hormonal imbalance and proper metabolism function. What blew my mind is that this mutation is very common.

I'm happy to report, after going on a protocol at ACI Medicine (and adding back in nutrients my body was missing), I started losing weight quickly. In under 40 days, I can report now that I've lost a total of 35 pounds. It's not unhealthy, but the protocol I did is definitely not for the timid.I had to retrain my metabolism to work properly. It's work, like anything else worth while. I now have more work to do in the next phases of this protocol, including a few more tests to see how my body is responding to stress and even what is going on in my gut health. Poop and saliva samples have meant many adventures in the bathroom at my house. LOL. I'll also be working out way more so I can tighten up and keep my metabolism going after losing so much weight.

I have a new found hope I didn't have before. I share this all with you so you can have hope, too. I have been looking for a long time for the things that work and doing away with the things that don't. Including negative judgment and self-talk about 'failing,' not being 'good enough,' etc... Being kind to yourself, first and foremost, is the first step in doing anything. The one message I am clinging to now for you and me: 'Keep going. You've got this.'