When funnyman and former "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno comes to the Quad Cities, what does he drive? The answer is anything he wants, but if you said a new 2018 Lexus LC500 , you would have won bonus points.

I totally wanted to see Jay while he was in town over the weekend. I grew up watching him on the "Tonight Show." According to the Quad City Times, it was easier to see him in the Quad Cities than you thought.

Todd Hopkins, general manager at Lexus of Quad-Cities, Davenport hooked up Leno with the Lexus while he was in town. So if you were just driving down a street in Davenport, minding your own business, jamming to your favorite radio station and happen to look over and see a guy who looked like Jay...chances are...it was.

Hope he wasn't texting and driving. I heard he did a great show, and loved the car. Wonder what he thought about our home?

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