If you are a Wal-Mart shopper, we prepared to get huge tax hikes on many products imported from China. Many products Walmart sells are imported from China. President Trump plans on putting these tariffs into effect on a short notice stating this and other tariffs are "ready to go on short notice".

The Trump administration formally announced it was imposing a 10 percent tariff $200 billion worth of Chinese goods Monday. The duties will affect more than 5,000 products. China responded by announced retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. imports.

Here is a statement from a Wal Mart rep:
"Should the tariffs go into effect, Walmart customers will face cost increases for essential items like car seats, cribs, backpacks, hats, pet products and bicycles," wrote Sarah Thorn, Walmart's director of global government affairs. "For lower-income families, a 25% tax on these items would be a serious burden on household finances."

Here is a list of products that will see the tax increase:
Mandarin oranges in cans 

Rawhide for pets 

Hair care 

Other bath prep 

Dog leashes,
dog collars 

Cat leashes,
pet costumes 

Hard luggage
tote bags,
duffle bags,
Travel bags,
Rolled wrapping paper
Gas grills
Make up mirrors 
Vacuum cleaners 

Toothbrush replacement heads 

Electric razors 

Air conditioners

HDMI cables,
video cables,
auxiliary cords
Oil less fryers
toaster ovens
wireless headphones,
smart watches,
fitness trackers
Toddler seats
Child High Chairs
Patio furniture
Infant and Child Car Seats 
Wooden Furniture
Infant and child pack and play,
furniture Mattresses 
Christmas Lights 

Christmas Decorations

The purpose of these tariffs are to cover the entire balance of Chinese exports to the United States.

Do YOU shop at Wal-Mart? What are your thoughts on this?

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