With the warm days of summer approaching, many of us will be spending time outside in nature. Whether your favorite activity is hiking, going on bike rides, or playing outside with your kids, you'll want to be aware of these potentially dangerous poisonous plants that could threaten your summer fun. Here is the info you need from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources:

1. Poison Ivy- Perhaps the most well-known poisonous plant, poison ivy is easy to identify because of its three distinct leaves. It can cause rashes, itching, burning, and blisters. If you come into contact with the plant, make sure to wash your skin and clothing immediately.

2. Wild Parsnip- A lesser known, but equally poisonous plant, wild parsnip has a yellow head that is lacy and somewhat resembles a flower.  The plant can cause blisters and rashes if you come into contact with it and then expose the area to sunlight. This is another situation where you would want to wash immediately upon coming into contact with it.

3. Stinging Nettles- This plant actually does give you a real sting by injecting acid into your skin upon contact. Sounds pretty painful, but luckily the effects typically wear off after several minutes. Still, not the most pleasant experience to have when you're trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Nettles are typically found in woodlands near streams. The part that will irritate your skin is located on the stem.

For more info about poisonous plants in Iowa, check out the Iowa DNR's guide.

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