A year ago Iowa was talking about the rumors of Adventureland taking down one of their most iconic coasters, "The Dragon." Those rumors would come to be true, and the coaster that made its debut on May 12, 1990, during Adventureland's sixteenth full season, was finally taken down.

It's replacement has been given the appropriate name "The Dragon Slayer!" We are now getting the first look at this awesome ride.

Here's what the ride looks like:

As someone who grew up going to Adventureland every summer with my family, it is great to seem them putting in so much work for new generations of Iowans! Here's how it'll run!

@adventurelandresort✅ first test run of the Dragon Slayer #adventurelandresort #adventurelandiowa #DontSweatIt #hellospring♬ Fly - Marshmello

The team at Adventureland has had a lot of fun with this project sharing other videos of them putting this slayer together!

@adventurelandresort Hard Work on the Dragon Slayer opening June 2021 #nowlookatthis #hardwork #adventureland ♬ Hard Work - U.S. Drill Sergeant Field Recordings


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Adventureland opens to the general public the week of May 8. While the Dragon Slayer is expected to open sometime in June. They are posting constant updates here. As of now it looks like everything will be up and running!

Adventureland is excited to open for the 2021 season! The main Park will open for weekend operation on May 1st for Season Pass Holders and special events only, and May 8th for the general public. Our full Park and Water Park operation schedule can be found on our calendar.

I'm excited for this ride! And so are many others.

@adventurelandresortnew year new ride! Dragon Slayer coming summer 2021 to Adventureland! #adventureland#themepark#adventurelandresort#iowa#iowacheck#MyRoutine♬ Spongebob - Dante9k
Here's a photo I took years ago with my uncle and sister at the funny mirrors you could look at after riding "The Dragon."

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