As someone who grew up going to Adventureland every year I've always had a love hate with the legendary Dragon roller coaster. As a kid I hated it, but as an adult I loved it, but my neck still hates it. I can ride it about five times before the pain hits, and fans of the Dragon are now feeling a different kind of pain.

It all started with a Facebook post on the  Adventureland page. Showing that something involving the Dragon is happening in 2021. The Altoona park is being very vague about a lot of what's going on.

The coaster made its debut on May 12, 1990, during Adventureland's sixteenth full season. It cost an estimated $2.1 million to build The Dragon. It was Adventureland's only coaster with inversions until The Monster opened on June 4, 2016. On May 17, 2020.

People even started making video about how the take down will happen, and what may be happening next for the park.

Construction crews were seen on the property dismantling the Dragon. We could be seeing this new coaster as soon as 2021. Are you excited for what's to come, or are you going to miss this iconic Iowa coaster?

The theme park had to push back its opening day this year because of safety concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. The park said on its website that it is anticipating an opening day in June, but there is not yet a firm date.

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