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Via Western Illinois University
Via Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University has announced that after the Fall break, they will be moving all of their students online to finish out the Fall semester.

With only a handful of weeks left in the Fall 2020, Western Illinois University officials have announced that all students will go to online learning after Thanksgiving break. In the press release, officials say that the COVID-19 team and the Office of Risk Management are changing the WIU protocols and procedures.

This decision to ensure the safety of staff and students on both the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses. COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the areas in which Western Illinois covers.

Thanksgiving break for WIU staff and students begins on Saturday, November 21 and ends on Sunday, November 29. All classes will move to online only following the break for the rest of the semester, which goes from Monday November 20 to Friday, December 18.

WIU Risk Manager Joe Roselieb said in the press release,

"We understand that people may be feeling some 'COVID fatigue' and there are so many messages coming at all of us every day; however, it's critical that we do not become lax in what we should be doing to protect ourselves and protect others. Think about others – your parents, your grandparents, compromised friends and family members – if you do not take the precautions for yourself, think of others."

Students living on campus have the option to remain on campus until the end of the Fall semester, Friday, December 18. Students can also fully leave campus by 7 p.m. on Friday, November 20.

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