A new TikTok trend has surfaced and you've likely ran into this while dating someone around here.

We all know what red flags are. For some of us, red is our favorite color and we ignore all of them. These are the personality traits that indicate someone might be a manipulator, narcissist, creep, or just an overall toxic person to date.


On the opposite end of that, we even know what green flags are. They're the positive things that our partner does for us, whether it be their attitude or something that fits our love language.

Then There's The Beige Flags

TikTok being what it is, it had to come up with some kind of trend for the summer and it landed on "beige flags". Considering influencers are chronically obsessed with neutral colors, I'm the opposite of surprised that they chose beige instead of yellow for this.

You've seen beige flags. All of the freaking time. But it has two definitions.

TODAY.com says that beige flags reflect some weird interest that the person has. Example: I have oven mitts with serial killers' mugshots on them from my bestie. It's weird.

The Everygirl says beige flags reflect a person that didn't put much effort into their dating app profile. And I swear, I've seen loads of these lately.

Get Rid Of Your Dating App Profile's Beige Flags


Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Saying you're looking for someone to go on adventures with. Obviously you are, we all are.
  • Your love language is sarcasm (see above).
  • All of your pics are selfies. This really makes it look like you have no friends.
  • Using the word "foodie". Unless you're a legit food critic or chef, it's not a personality trait. Neither is...
  • "fitness is my passion" or anything like it. Often, people who live in the gym have the personality of a wet paper towel. I workout too but it's definitely not my defining pursuit.

Beige Flags As A Personality Trait

The more fun definition of beige flags is the unique stuff that makes us, well, us. And who doesn't have weird habits or weird things we like? Author Phyllis Ginsburg told TODAY.com:

What might be called a 'beige flag,' that weird, odd, or quirky behavior, could be reframed and seen as cute or endearing. As long as it’s not so annoying that it makes you cringe or embarrasses you. That could be a dealbreaker.

So to all my dates who have seen me laugh so hard that I snort in the restaurant, my bad.

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