What do Iowans ask Google 'how to' most?

Without a doubt, "Just Google it" has become a household phrase. Thanks to Google, we have an massive resource to access information easily, including 'how-to' do (or not do) just about anything.

Whatever we need to learn, whatever we need to find, Googling (yes, it is an actual thing and is used in verb form), Estately.com has broken down the most 'how-to' questions by state. What was the thing Iowans just had to Google to know how to do?

IOWA:  How to screenshot? / How to throw a curveball / How to make Jello shots?

Leave it to Iowans to want to know how to do something sports and alcohol related. That cracks me up, every time.

Meanwhile, our neighbors in Illinois did their Googling by asking these 'how-tos' :

ILLINOIS:  How to jump a car? / How to be a superhero? / How to ask someone to prom? / How to sell Beanie Babies?