While 2021 may not have the most exciting commercials for the Super Bowl, it's always fun to look back at some of the greats of past years. Some people only watch the Super Bowl for the funny ads. Some companies really blew our minds with the outlandish ideas they showed us.

For many the usual favorite is Budweiser seeing as though they have had "hits" since anyone can remember. There's even a list of just the best Budweiser commercials, most of them utilizing the infamous Clydesdale crew that combines humor with heartfelt emotion. Seriously some of these are real tear jerkers.

Other classics include Pepsi, Doritos, Snickers, soda brands, and many others.

This Pepsi ad was iconic. For me though I grew up with this Doritos ad:

Some other classics include "Mean" Joe Green.

Old Spice in 2010.

Volkswagen showing how the force works.

And of course one of the most Iconic came from Apple:1984. This ad has been parodied by countless movies, and Tv shows.

There are so many greats out there! It may be hard to pick a favorite. Let us know your favorite company's commercials by voting. You can also let us know your top picks through the free B100 app.

Have fun watching the big game!

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