I was scrolling the internet today and found this funny video. It so happens I was at the movies last night, and with all the stuff going on in high schools this past week, I think it's a way to show kids being kids.

According to FOX 8 in Cleveland, two teens really wanted to see Black Panther. The must have been short on cash because they attempted the "tall man" trick.

The video of the two teens went viral and it's hilarious. The theater manager wasn't having it though. I would have let them in on principle. Definitely A for effort.

By the way, Black Panther blew away the box office in it's first week making almost $200 million and was the fifth biggest box office opening in history. I saw it last night and I can see why.

Lets be honest, it's expensive to go to a movie. I have to take out a loan very time I go, unless it's Tuesday (discount day) or before 6pm. What have you done to sneak into a movie?

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