Last November, we announced that Trader Joe's was planning to open a store at Coralville's Iowa River Landing and everyone freaked out. Well, your wait is almost over, TJ lovers.

The gourmet food store will finally open its doors this October. Iowa River Landing shared the news on their Facebook page recently, adding that an exact opening date and more details will follow soon.

I personally know a lot of Trader Joes fans that can't wait to make the drive to Coralville for all of the store's tasty products, including Cookie Butter, Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, gourmet chocolate, and cheap wine. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself...

The Coralville location is only the second Trader Joe's in Iowa, joining West Des Moines. It's less than an hour from Davenport, and right off the highway, so I think it's totally worth the trip. Now if only the Quad Cities could open one, our lives would be complete.

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