A couple of weeks ago, Whitey's brought back a perennial fall favorite, Pumpkin Ice Cream. Well, prepare to have your minds blown, ice cream lovers, because the beloved chain is re-introducing even more truly tasty looking flavors.

Whitey's announced the news on their Facebook page:

Peppermint Oreo, Carrot Cake, and Red Velvet are making a comeback, and everyone seems to be pretty excited about it. I can't say that I'm as thrilled about Carrot Cake and Red Velvet as I am about Peppermint Oreo, but since I've never tried them, I can't really judge, right?

And there's more good news from Whitey's- If Mississippi Mud is one of your faves, you're in luck. All proceeds from sales of the flavor will go directly to the Red Cross to aid with disaster relief efforts through September 23. The flavor was first created to raise money after the Great Flood of 1993, and it's continuing to help victims of disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. What an easy way to make a difference.

I guess now it doesn't seem so silly to hit up Whitey's several times in a week, huh?

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