B100 is typically the superstar in your office by giving you 100 minutes of nonstop hit music for your workday and your drive home. Since we like to share the glory, we're helping you become the favorite person at your work.

Become the office superstar and get your coworkers lunch without spending your hard-earned money B100 wants to hook you and your coworkers up with a delicious lunch from a favorite restaurant in the Quad Cities, Nally's Kitchen.

The last Tuesday of the month is a Terrific Taco Tuesday and your chance to help get that raise you deserve and need.

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Nally's Kitchen Is A Quad Cities Staple

Nally's Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday and is located at 1622 Rockingham Rd. in Davenport. Serving the greater Quad Cities area, Nally's Kitchen is a joint effort between husband-and-wife team Nassr and Alicia Muhamad.

Nally's Kitchen, Davenport
Nally's Kitchen, Davenport/Facebook Photo

Have Nally's cater your next event, stop by for lunch or dinner, and enjoy their daily specials every day they are open!

Sign Up For Terrific Taco Tuesday

Getting free food for your office from Nally's Kitchen is so easy. B100's Terrific Taco Tuesday happens on the last Tuesday of each month. That day, we'll select one Quad Cities office to go to and drop off free food from Nally's, B100 swag, and a 12-pack of Pepsi.

Sign up your place of work to get a B100 Terrific Taco Tuesday below:

  • *One winner per month.
  • *Each winner will receive Nally’s catering which will feed 15-20 people.
  • *Winning work site must be within 20 minutes of the restaurant's location to ensure food freshness.

We hope to see you and your coworkers this month!

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