Have you been enjoying the nice warm nights in the QC? Maybe you sit outside and look at the moon and stars. Has the moon looked weird lately? Well according to many online the Moon has been hexed and looks different.

This idea blew up on Twitter and TikTok. With most joking about the idea.

Most people don't believe it, but many younger social media users appear to be genuinely afraid of what this means. Other users are angry.

It should also be noted that a lot of people out there take witchcraft seriously and it is a genuinely held set of spiritual beliefs and, more than that, a lifestyle. The people who "Hexed" the moon are considered "baby witches" meaning they are young an untrained.

Many "real" witches are upset that so many teens are jumping on to this dangerous trend of "witchcraft" without knowing what they are doing.

So now that we got that out of the way lets talk about the Hex. According to Buzzfeed,

The rumor, which starting circulating on "WitchTok" (the community of witches on TikTok) is that these baby witches first hexed the fae. The fae, also called the fair folk, are magical creatures seen in folklore from many cultures. They're associated with nature and being cunning and full of mischief, and some witches incorporate them into their practices.

After that they hexed the moon. According to one Reddit post, those four baby witches were trying to "prove a point" of some sort and now the whole thing has exploded all over Twitter.

A bit lost? Let me explain this as simple as possible. Witchcraft is taken seriously and has rules. Hexing meaningful things for no reason is bad, but these four "baby witches" ignored the rules to try and show off, and gain internet clout.

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