The Unicorn. The Crystal Ball. The Zombie.

If you tried these "special edition" Starbucks Frappuccinos, you're probably wondering about the newly released "Witch's Brew" for Halloween. For those of you who are money conscious (you'll have to shell out $6 for a grande) or calorie conscious (this thing is basically a meal) I hope to give you all the information you need before you decide to say "I'll have a Witches Brew" straight-faced to a barista.


If there's one thing the Witch's Brew excels at, it's looking cool. This drink was made to be on Instagram. And like many things that are Instagram-able, it does not maintain its perfection for more than a couple of minutes. By the time I was leaving the parking lot it was already starting to separate into liquid and solid layers. Oh by the way, there are solids in this drink. It contains chia seeds, which are actually known for their health benefits. Unfortunately I think the 53 grams of sugar might cancel those out.


Overall the taste of this drink was more appealing to me than the Unicorn or the Crystal Ball, which both had a cotton candy-ish sweetness. The Witch's Brew is definitely sweet, but more like a combination between a Dreamcicle and a sour gummy worm. I was not expecting a purple drink to taste like oranges, but it totally does. I do like the addition of chia seeds, but I also love boba tea. If you're not a fan of tapioca-like textures, you might have a hard time getting this drink down.

Worth it?

If you like sour candy or orange cream soda and don't mind some crunchy chia seeds, you will love the Witch's Brew. If a trendy pic on social media is worth $6 to you, go for it but get those photos fast. This thing goes from looking like a witch's brew to a witch's leftovers real quick. If you only want caffeine when you go to Starbucks, I'd pass on the Witch's Brew because shockingly it has none (you will get a sugar rush, though).



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