Birth is one of the biggest, life-changing events you could ever go through. An event in the QCA this weekend will help you prepare by informing you of your legal rights during birth.

When it comes to birth, people often don't know their rights in a hospital or birth setting until they aren't 'allowed' to do something they were expecting to be able to follow in their birth plan.

Granted, there can be some true emergency situations that might keep you from doing that, but in my case, there wasn't. It was shift change at the hospital and I was made to stay in a bed, not able to move around. There was no emergency. I had no complications. It felt very constricting, it was opposite of what I had discussed with my providers and the memories of what followed, including the threats of a c-section if I didn't push 'hard enough and long enough,' still stick with me to this day.

Birthing options, birth plans, where to birth and who you can have with you while you birth are just a few of the legal topics that will be covered this weekend in the Quad Cities at the 'Childbirth and Informed Consent' sponsored by ICAN of the Quad Cities at the Putnam Museum.

Hear the latest information on your rights from Birth Rights Bar Association Director and President, Indra Wood Lusero, Esq. who will be presenting on issues related to fundamental rights of pregnant and birthing people, their caregivers, providers and family. Also presenting, will be Elizabeth R. Kukura, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Kline School of Law and Samantha Wall, Secretary on the Board of Directors and ICAN of Omaha Chapter Leader.

There will be a panel discussion and question and answer session with the speakers following their presentations.

With the maternal death rates decreasing worldwide, death rates during birth are rising in the United States. An astonishing 45% of mothers experience birth trauma, Now is the most important time to explore answers,options and the best chances for better outcomes.

This event is from 5-7 p.m., Sunday, March 24, 2019 at the Putnam Museum Theater 1717 W. 12th Street, Davenport, IA. Get your tickets HERE or at the door.

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