It's scary how much of your information this site has.

It's one thing when you share information about yourself online. It's a completely different ballgame when your entire family is at-risk because your information has been given or sold to companies who don't respect your privacy

I was floored when I found my name, the names of most family members I have ever had, ever, even after divorce, including half family members and all, at the site

Right there, after a simple search of my name, is MY address! I have children for heaven's sake and my full address and everything is right there. Not only does that put me and my family at-risk but it makes more and more sense to my why identity theft is so rampant right now. There's not even a firewall to protect sensitive information like this.

Here's how to Opt Out immediately, although, it will take 48 hours to be in full effect.

1.Go to the homepage of the website and scroll down to the very bottom.

2. Click on Privacy.

3. Scroll down and on the right hand side, about 1/3 of the way down, click on the blue, hyper-linked words 'opt out here.'

4. Make sure to check the 'I am Not a Robot' box and then on the green 'Begin Opt Out Procedure' button.

5. Search your name and click View Details once again.

6. Click on the red 'Opt Out' button.

My old buddy Jason Fechner (previously from WQAD) did a great video on Facebook Live about how to do this.

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