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Brooke & Jeffery

The November 3 general election is right around the corner, and Young Jeffrey wants to make sure you go and vote. To make sure that's drilled in your head, his brand new song of the week will be stuck in your head until the election is over.

2020 Presidential ElectionCountdown

We love Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week to end a long work we and kick off our weekend. Every Friday at 8:10 a.m., Jeffrey gives us his brand new song of the week and with the election right around the corner, this song is perfect to remind everyone to go and vote.

Do you remember the GRAMMY award nominated song "I'm On A Boat" by Lonely Island featuring T-Pain? It's such a lyrically amazing song with a great chorus, an awesome melody, and a lot of water. If you need a refresher, click here to watch the video.

By now, you probably know where Young Jeffrey is going with this. Instead of Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat," Young Jeffrey gives your his brand new song of the week to make sure you get out and vote, here is "I'm Gonna VOTE."

Don't forget to go and vote in the general election on Tuesday, November 3! To make sure your voice is heard this election, B100 has created a full guide for you with resources that will help you vote this November. No matter what side of the isle you are on, it is always important to vote.

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