Who knew the world of YouTube could be such an intense place with millions of dollars at stack, based of of just a few videos.

YouTuber Daniel Keem, also known as KEEMSTAR, Hosts a channel on YouTube called "Drama Alert." It is considered one of the top news platforms about YouTubers and other social influences.

On March 20th KEEMSTAR released a video stating that a infamous tattoo artist was filling a lawsuit against him for damages.

‘Drama Alert’ reported in 2019 that Mr. Lacoste, the tattoo artist, had been allegedly been talking to minors in inappropriate ways. Lacoste filed for that video to be taken down, and Keem went to Twitter to say that would not happen because he never said anything that wasn't true.

This lawsuit is currently still going on, and both parties appear to be very well off, so we are sure to see this be dragged out until someone is named the winner.

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