Sometimes people try way too hard to be clever with personalized license plates, other times they succeed and they're funny, and sometimes the state of Iowa says "".

Iowa residents are requesting some really weird and random stuff on their personalized license plates. Just last year the state added new ones to the banned list. And the list of ones that they already didn't allow is literally pages long.

In fact, according to Axios, there are over 5,300 banned license plates on Iowa's list. Factors that will get a requested plate on the list include racist references, sexual references (of which there were a ton of those by the way), or anything that the state considers offensive or inflammatory. You also can't use punctuation marks in a space that the state doesn't allow. So forget that apostrophe.

But even scrolling through the list of 5,300 banned ones, there were a few that I didn't really understand the problem with and a few that made me chuckle. Obviously, there's a lot that are clearly gross or ill-advised so if you scroll through that list just beware.

If you want to apply for a personalized license plate because your humor is just that sharp, you can do that on Iowa DMV's website. It's more expensive than just standard plates so I'll abstain. Iowa isn't alone in the weird license plate suggestions either. Illinois residents have submitted their share of weird stuff too.

Scroll down to see just a few of the banned license plates in Iowa!

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