I've seen this new thread on Facebook and I have yet to participate until now. I thought this was a way better forum since it's a radio station than on Facebook. Its the one where you give 10 concerts you've been to but one is fake and readers have to guess which one is the fake. How can I pick 10? I've been to so many different shows. I guess it's my turn...

10 Bands/Artists I have seen in concert. 1 is a lie the other are true Which one is it?

1. Shinedown

2. Maroon 5

3. Taylor Swift

4. Five Finger Death Punch

5. Def Leppard

6. Pearl Jam

7. Metallica

8. The Ramones

9. Winger

10. Alice In Chains

OK, which one is fake? Leave a comment and feel free to copy and paste for your Facebook post.

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