Friday the 13th is tomorrow, and I'm a huge horror movie fan. It is my favorite genre, but as a kid I was terrified of horror movies. When I first learned about Friday the 13th I was also terrified. Multiple cable networks were playing horror movies, and my friends told me if we watched any of them that, that movie monster would try to kill us on.

That was a weird Friday the 13th legend we made up that had no reason behind it, but now I go out of y way to watch horror movies on the 13th. Before Thanksgiving and Christmas take over lets squeeze in a few more scares! Here are 13 greats!

13) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Like many series in this list you could watch any one of the 8 movies from this franchise and see just how unlucky many of these people are. Some of the movies are much better than others.

12) Paranormal Activity

Any six of these movies work. Bad luck seems to follow this family. Fun fact all six movies actually create a pretty cool story, while some of the movies are way worse than others.

11) The Omen

A Horror Mystery from 1976 that is filled with bad luck.

10) The Evil Dead

The 1981 or 2013 remake works for this day. This will make you real happy you don't have as bad of luck as these kids.

9) The Thing

This 1982 horror sic-fi will have you questioning who your friends really are. It fits well with the 13th.

8) The Blair Witch Project

This 1999 found film uses magic to give three documentarians some bad luck in the woods. Plus it takes place very close to November!

7) Hereditary

Talk about bad luck. These people are basically inheriting it! This 2018 hit is an incredible movie.

6) Scream

Any 5 of the scream movies work. While I prefer the first 2, they are all pretty good fits for a day like Friday the 13th.

5) Get Out

Even though it came out in 2017, this movie is a classic. I highly recommend it, it has made many people think.

4) Halloween

Yes I know this one is best on Halloween, but it's still close enough to Halloween to get this movie into the top 5. I recommend the original 1978 one.

3) Child's Play

The first Childs play from 1998 is great. Just think about how much bad luck Andy must have had to get the ONE evil doll out of millions.

2) Nightmare On Elm Street 

Any of the 7 movie for this series work. For me as a kid for some reason I thought Freddy was the monster from Friday the 13th. He does end up fighting Jason in "Freddy Vs Jason."

1) Friday The 13th

You saw this one coming. Honestly any 12 of these movies will do. Even the bad ones are fun on this day.

Have a Happy Friday the 13th!

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